Toofleth in Theattle

by Hemiac Plurge on Sunday, April 16, 2017

My friend Bill, a talented cartoonist, whose bitter Gene Simmons caricature I stole for this site, died over 15 years ago. I would occasionally "give him ideas" for cartoons. By "give him ideas", I mean "pester, nag and wheedle until he'd draw them for me". The best one he ever indulged me in was a man-sized ambulatory human turd, poking a young fellow in the chest with a feculent pseudopod, growling "Don't shit the shitter, kid".

Today I awoke with the stellar idea of a group of robed cenobites standing in a circle, holding white rabbits cottontail-first over their faces, huffing frantically, like hippies passing the last balloon full of nitrous.

The caption?

"The Ethenes Dithcover the Ether Bunny".

I know who I with to rethurrect, today.